Our customers’ privacy is important to us

Stabelo is the controller of data privacy with regard to personal data. The Stabelo Privacy Policy is available on the Stabelo customer website. The safeguarding and confidentiality of personal data is important to us.

Stabelo operates as a group of companies, comprising a parent company Stabelo Group AB, a loan origination and servicing company Stabelo AB, and a mortgage fund management company Stabelo Asset Management AB, as well as fund companies under the direct management of Stabelo Asset Management AB. Under data privacy regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation in Sweden and the European Union (GDPR, or in Swedish Dataskyddsförordningen), the Stabelo group of companies are, acting together, the joint controllers for the protection and handling of personal information. Your point of contact regarding GDPR and personal information is the Stabelo Group Data Protection Officer, contactable at:

Data Protection Officer, Stabelo Group AB
Engelbrektsgatan 19
114 32 Stockholm, Sweden

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