ESG Policy

Sustainability for us

In our work with sustainability we take a long-term perspective. Our purpose is to secure long-term and lasting returns for investors. Sustainability encompasses social responsibility including business ethics, human rights and employee rights as well as climate and environmental concerns. An area of focus in our work with sustainability relates to the climate and environmental concerns, and how we can minimize our own environmental impact and that of our suppliers. At the same time our work with social responsibility focuses on our internal work environment and creating a workplace of equal opportunity without harassment or discrimination.

We seek to

  • uphold the highest levels of business ethics, with a long-term perspective,
  • take responsibility for the way we affect our environment, seeking a positive impact,
  • create sustainability in our workplace, and
  • identify respective risks, and work to mitigate them.

Sustainability towards customers and investors

Stabelo provides private residential mortgage loans to its borrowing customers, according to a defined investment process. Funds for lending are provided by long-term investors, who are primarily pension funds and insurers. For sustainability, Stabelo shall be a responsible lender towards its customers, also lending at an appropriate risk-adjusted return. The right level of risk-adjusted return is established through strict identification, measurement and management of credit risk, together with cost control and disciplined pricing. Cost control is a prerequisite for sustainable business, since Stabelo’s investors have a long time horizon, and low cost is one of the main drivers of investment return or final pension capital.  In addition, corporate governance of high quality is a prerequisite for maintaining Stabelo’s sustainability objectives towards customers and investors over the long term.

Stabelo’s products shall

  • be easy, transparent and fair, and provide long-term value towards borrowing customers;
  • capture each customer’s private economic situation holistically, with compliance towards consumer protection, credit protection and privacy of personal data;
  • be transparent towards investors, providing clear fee structures, as well as tools for evaluating and managing investments

Sustainability in society

Stabelo shall be a catalyst for positive social development, by acting as a responsible lender to private borrowers, achieving attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for investors, having concern for the well-being of staff, and having a positive environmental impact in its business, as well as promoting continuous development of its products. For the same goal it is necessary that Stabelo maintains its own financial stability and contributes to society through payment of taxes.

Compliance with law and regulation is a strict business requirement for Stabelo. Stabelo complies with the extensive law and regulations relevant to its business as a financial institution. This includes upholding measures to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Stabelo upholds the strictest ethical standards againstcorruption, bribery and market abuse.

Preventive work as a fund

Stabelo takes a responsible attitude on sustainability and corporate governance by following the values of our society. Stabelo believes that risks linked to sustainability and corporate governance can affect a fund’s return as well as the reputation of our business and that of our partners. Stabelo has a responsibility to act on these issues in the long-term interest of Stabelo fundholders.

For more information on sustainability in our business please contact:

Hampus Brodén                                      Mats Nilsson
CEO                                                            CEO
Stabelo Group AB                                   Stabelo Asset Management AB

ESG Policy Document
Sustainability report 2019 (Swedish)
Sustainability report 2018 (Swedish)

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